Sell GPS Person Tracker / Dog Tracker/ PET Finder

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PT01 provides an easy way to track your targets and provides peace of mind by showing you with your mobile phone or PC the location of your targets via SMS or GPRS.

Main Feature:

Operating by one key for easy of use
Built-in high sensitivity SiRF star III Chipset and GSM/GPRS module
High quality, low power consumption
Portable, compact size
GSM /SMS communication or TCP/UDP.
Works worldwide!
4-frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ.
Compact size, and smaller than one name card. Easy to hide
Support single location and continuous tracking
Two way voice communication, support quick dialing buttons for 2 preset phone numbers
Support check location by SMS and Internet
Monitors can track the person without interfering him,
LIVE! Real-Time tracking!
SOS button send out exact location for immediate rescue/action.
Geo-fencing to restrict movement to a defined radius.
No monthly service charges to be paid to the call center

GSM module Embedded GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Optional) or GPRS TCP/UD

GPS Chip
Latest GPS SiRF-Star III chipset

GPS Sensitivity

GPS Frequency

C/A Code
1.023MHz chip rate

20 channel all-in-view tracking

Position Accuracy
10 meters,2D RMS

Velocity Accuracy
0.1 m/s

Time Accuracy
1 us synchronized to GPS time

Default datum

0.1 sec. , average

Hot start
1 sec. , average

Warm start
38sec. , average

Cold start
42sec. , average

Altitude Limit
18,000 meters (60,000feet) max.

Velocity Limit
515 meters/second(1000knots) max.

Limit Less than 4g

Jerk Limit

Operating temperature
-250to 650C

5%to 95% Non-condensing


Voltage Rechargeable
1300 mA/h battery(3.7V)

Charging connector

Standby time
Over 60 hours