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DH600 Set navigation, positioning, control, communications, entertainment and business functions into one, is the best PDA navigation product in the market.
It has navigation computer mainframe use 3.5-6 inch TFT LCD screen.
Pocket computer portable design, more humane, more convenient.
Multimedia: MP3, MP4, conjecture, WMV, AVI and ASF.
Touch and press button operation methods, handy and convenient.
It has Internet, telephone, PDA, navigation, positioning, mobile television receivers and other functions.
It has a nationwide distribution network maps + detail throughout the region, data points covering a variety of information industry, including: 18 categories, 300 facilities; Regional map contains all city highway, state and provincial, county and township roads. The maps are available for multi-level zooming, is the navigation map of beyond the dream.
Point-to-point cross-district navigation, so you can achieve a precision of 10 meters on city roads, in remote areas can reach 30 meters, realized the navigation from any point A to point B as a between cities.
Voice prompt and then turn painting functions, navigation more visual and more reliable!
Control on the computer in the control center, to achieve scheduling functions.
Answered calls can be hand-free or by headphones, dial by soft keyboard or by voice-activated.
Can through the camera to take pictures, and transmission through GPRS.