Sell GPS Tracker  [built in temperature sensor]

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GPS Tracker [built in temperature sensor]

GS900 is a GPS tracker with GPRS built-in. It tracks the global position of the vehicle or person. With its internal alarm inputs connecting to external sensors, it is capable of reporting any car accident with precise position information automatically. The message can be reported via either GSM SMS or GPRS data message to ensure the receipt of alarm by the control centre. Internal relay output can be programmed to turn on/off devices.

GS902-S provides built-in temperature sensor and 1 analog inputs for application e. g. speedometer.

* GPS data report via GSM SMS / GPRS
* Alarm alert via GSM SMS / Dialing / GPRS
* Alarm/Panic Button triggered GPS data report via GSM SMS / GPRS
* Automatic report of GPS data on accident
* Automatic emergency call on accident
* Programmable logging and upload interval

4 x alarm inputs
1 x temperature sensor [GS902-S]
1 x analog inputs [GS902-S]
2 x relay outputs
1 x panic button
1 x low voltage alert

1) Over speed alert > Automatically send alerts when driving speed exceeds user defined speed
2) Position Lock > Automatically send alerts when the vehicle is moved apart from its parking position
3) Fencing In (min. 0.18m) , multiple points > Alert (SMS/Dial/GPRS) when moving into security zone
4) Fencing Out (min. 0.18m) , multiple points> Alert (SMS/Dial/GPRS) when moving out of security zone
5) Panic Button > Emergency report with position information for both personal and vehicle alarm
6) Idle time monitoring > An early warning security feature when vehicle is idle longer than predefined period
7) Alarm Dry Contact > External alarm detecting devices e. g. shock detector, triggered air bag.
8) Temperature too high or low alarm

a) Setup Software via SMS remotely or USB locally
b) Server/Client Software (work on Google Earth platform) supporting both SMS and GPRS
c) Server SDK and Client demo for user development supporting both SMS and GPRS

Truck, Mobile Warehouse or Storage Container
Vehicle or Personal Position Tracking
Vehicle Speed Tracking
Auto Accident Report
Global Position System (GPS)
Navigation System
Anti-theft Alarm System
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