Sell GPS Watch Tracker/ GPS Wrist Tracking/ GPS Watch

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1. SMS & GPRS Tracking: Capable of text message (SMS) tracking & internet (GPRS) tracking

2. A SOS button for emergency help

3. Configure by mobile phone with text commands OR via USB cable on computer OR directly on the

watch screen

4. One free software for configuration and tracking on home computer

5. GSM base station ID helps locate in case of the unavailable GPS.

6. Geo-fence for parking safety: leaving out the defined circle will cause an alert message.

7. Speeding Alert for parents disciplining the teenage drivers behavior.

8. Track at most 5 targets on the watch screen by direction & distance.

9. Two way communication and text message each other.

10. Wire tap: listen in to the talk of carrier secretly---COMING SOON

11. Compass helps you find the way back in a strange place.

12. Store the waypoints if lose GSM coverage and re-send when it comes back. ---COMING SOON

13. Language optional between English & Chinese.

14. Battery Monitor for warning of a low battery.

15. Waypoints recording for history path replay on map of Google earth.

16. Add photo tags to waypoints with custom software.

17. Full Memory Alert for waypoints recording.

18. Stop watch, Calorie calculation, Ring Volume Adjustability etc.