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The ET9000n is the smallest and the most powerful tracking device designed for pet and equipment security. Using super sensitivity GPS module and two tri-band GSM/GPRS module, the ET500 can perform security and tracking for personnel, asset, pets in all over the world. It has rugged design with 100% waterproof and vibration proof. Further with very lower power consumption, and large battery, the ET500 stays on duty for more than 3 days without charging the battery. The ET500 has been integrated with our internet control center software for security and tracking purpose.


*GPS and GSM dual positioning functions.
*Embedded GSM and GPS antenna.
*SOS emergency button for help
*Periodic reporting using GPRS or SMS
*Remote site continuous reporting
*Geofence reporting to be set from the internet or on the device
*Anti-theft reporting to be set from the internet or on the device
*Remote listening function
*Fast GPS and GSM signal checking using test button on the device
*Motion sensor to detect any movement
*Super sensitivity GPS module
*Two tri-band GSM/GPRS module
*Low battery indicator and SMS reporting
*Standby and charging indicator
*Using SIM card phonebook to set reporting number and parameters to make the interface easy
*100% waterproof, vibration proof, rubber covering
*With magnetic mount for vehicle tracking
*LED light for parking Geofence setting/release
*Elderly no movement reporting
*Low power consumption with large battery capacity to provide long standby time for more than 3 day.
*Home/Car charger is available.

*Size: 80mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 31mm(H)
*Weight: 100g
*GSM frequencies: SIEMENS MC55: 900/1,800/1,900 MHz
SIEMENS MC56: 850/1,800/1,900 MHz
F*requency of GPS reception: 1575.42 MHz
*Channels of GPS reception: 16 channels
*GPS sensitivity: -158 dBm
*Type of location report: SMS or GPRS
*Warm-up time: 70 seconds
*Storage temperature: -10C to +600
*Power: 3.7 to 4.2 VDC
*Power consumption for standby: 50mA
*Power consumption for GSM communication: 250 mA
*Standby time: 3 days (for GPS to be always on)
*Battery capacity: 2,400 or 3,000 mah

Other Description:
*Portable personal SOS and tracking
*Asset security and tracking product
*Pet tracking product
*Vehicle security and tracking product
*Elderly no movement reporting (User can set the duration of no movement)
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