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GPS Tracker & Cell Phone

World's first tracker and cell phone in one

Do you want to protect your loved ones or your property?

Nothing more to pay - No extra services to purchase.

Complete solution in one package.

Works on all GSM frequencies in the world.

Honey, where are the kids? If you're asking that question, you probably would only have a vague idea where your children are. The TR will change all that. Send your children out to school or play with a TR personal tracker. You will be able to know where they are with pinpoint accuracy. Not only is it a personal tracking device, it also has four programmable phone keys which allow your children to easily contact known people. It can also be a low cost tracking system for your car, an emergency communications system for an elderly person. Anything where you might want to know the exact location.

No need to limit children with a pre paid sim card

Give your child a proper sim card as this device allows your child to call you or 4 stored numbers. Your child will not be able to run you a high bill by calling all their friends . They will only use the phone as it was intended - for an emergency .

It's light and portable like a regular mobile phone. It functions as a regular mobile with and addition of the GPS module. With the stored numbers, you can call emergency service and 3 personal numbers.