Sell GPS tracker mobile cell phone free map no monthly fee

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A mobile phone and GPS tracker

No Monthly Fee

No Extra Service to Purchase

Offer to elderly and children and never lose them

G-Trek series mobile phone was designed from the ideas of smart and caring parents who like to locate their kids or pre-teens whenever they need. One may also use it for the elderly that require care . It has built-in GPS function so the parents can not only call to but can only track the location using bundled software CD or using website GPS tracking check-up service. This unique mobile device also has quite a few friendly settings that it only allows phone holder to call the Names stored in SIM phone book and limit the callers of strangers.

The Quiet Mode can also be setup to avoid any call-in during classes so the phone becomes friendly for teachers and school. The joystick keypad design is simple to use and creating a very clean and sleek overall image. Other than for kids this G series will be as well perfect for everyone as a perfect companion phone to keep connected with family members in a smart way
On request the phone will send GPS coordinates via SMS and one can then use Google earth map which is free to display the location anywhere on earth using a PC with an internet connection . Or if you have mapping software on your PDA or mobile phone that accepts coordinate entries then you can trace it directly on your mobile device. It's simple to install and will allow you peace of mind knowing that you can track your loved one anywhere at any time. You are in control and do not need extra service or to call anyone for help.

Powerful remote control functions of the handset

Remote listen in without the phone every ringing. Remote collection of GPS data without the phone ringing. Remote change of speed dials, phone book and other functions.

Band module GSM 900/1800/1900MHZ
Power consumption 6 ~ 16mA
Power consumption in use 65mA, Max 230mA
Temperature -20 ~ 65 degrees centigrade
Dimensions 95mm x 45mm x 18mm
Weight 70g +/-5g
Battery 3.7V/600mAH.
Input: 100 ~ 240V Output: 5.5V 500mA