Sell GPW-510 Pneumatic Edge Milling Machine (Inside/Outside)

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Pneumatic Edge Milling Machine (Inside/Outside)
Max. Speed : 9,000 rpm
Horse Power : 2.5 HP
Weight : 14.5 kgs
Length : 420 mm
Width : 210 mm
Height : 260 mm
Air Cons. : 1.19 m3/min
Hose Size : 10 mm
Sound Pressure : 82.5 dBA
Air Pressure : 90 psi
Max. Thick Stone : 2 ~ 3 cm
1. Muffler Tube, swivel 360 to avoid tubes tangle together.
2. Rear Handle, support the machine when lift it up.
3. Regulator for adjusting height of Diamond Disc Wheel (0~35m/m)
4. Each of 13 rolling balls on base plate contains strong air injections, which enables smoothly movement and cleaning rolling balls.
5. Water feeds on slab for scouring residue of profile and rolling balls.
6. Fixing bolt instead of stop spanner, replace and adjust height of diamond disc easily.
7. Flexuous water hose can scour the residue on diamond disc wheel.
8. Curved Edge Profiling: enables users glide machine smoothly on rail for milling and polishing straight and curved edges.
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