Sell GQ-JS Series Intelligent modular direct drinking water equipment

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Technical characteristic:
7Adopt import reverse osmosis film module to insure high efficiency and steady desalted rate
7It resolved the problem of secondary pollute of water tank
7It can collect the produced thick water in course of treating water is used to scour lavatory, rinse etc. So it can reduce the cost of treating water at same time of saving water
7This equipment stock the monitor device for quality of water. If quality of produced water exceed criterion, the equipment would automatically give an alarm and stop
7It adopts intellectualized control
7It realized modular design. It can base actual dement of user to do quick assembled among different.
Model Number Capacity for treat water(m3/h) Power(kw) Diameter of intake tube Amount of user Contour size
For drinking For drinking and cooking
GQ-JS-0.25 0.25 2.6 DN20 1250 500 2.5*1.85*2.9
GQ-JS-0.50 0.50 3.0 DN25 2500 1000 2.7*0.85*2.0
GQ-JS1.00 1.00 5.2 DN40 5000 2000 3.5*0.85*2.0
GQ-JS-1.50 1.50 8.5 DN50 7500 3000 3.5*0.85*2.0