Sell GQ Quay Crane

GQ Quay Crane
This item is specially used in port and dock.
Conventional configuration:
1) Closed driver room operation.
2) Wound rotor motor is used on each mechanism, changed speed by resistance.
3) Working ambient temperature: -200C~+450C.

Other configuration user can choose:
1) Braking:Dynamic braking, Frequency control, etc.
Dynamic braking:good performance, economizing on energy while the cost is high as
well as compound circuit not easy to repair.
Frequency control:the item can realize step speed or stepless speed regulation with
excellent economizing on energy and performance. But it should adopt frequency
electrical electromotor and transducer, so the cost is expensive and with a high
request on system cooling.
2) Linkage console let the driver room compact & slinky in vision and easy to control.
3) The other feasible configuration user propose.

1) Reasonable structure
2) Favorable performance
3) Smooth starting and stopping
4) Low noise, commodious cabin and good view
5) Convenient maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts and components
6) Saves electricity

1) Load: 5-300/50MT
2) Work range: 10.5-35.5m
3) Service duty:
a) A5: used in places of medium service, such as machine and assembly shops
b) A6: used in places of frequent working such as metallurgy and casting shops
The technique parameter is provided on our web site just for reference, and the exact
parameter of our product according to the contract.