Sell GQ high speed tubular bowl clarification centrifuge

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It is mainly used for liquid-solid separation.
The bowl of rotates around its axis and forms a strong centrifugal force; the centrifugal
force separates a mixture of liquid and solid.
The mixture enters the centrifuge through an inlet at the bottom of the machine, and is
introduced into the hollow cylindrical rotor which has one outlet at the top to allow discharge
of the separated clarification liquid. The bowl turns at 19000r. p. m. or higher, and generates a
centrifugal force in excess of 21000times the force of gravity. This force separates the
mixture according to their specific gravities. The lighter liquid is nearer the centre of the bowl
and the heavier liquid forms the outside layer. The clarification liquid flows out from its
outlet at the top. At the same time the solids are deposited in the bowl and it is cleaned out
when the is shut down.