Sell GR-IC-001 Mars Action A752

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A more stable and more reliable modchip with extensive compatibility covers all the SCPH-700xx & SCPH-7500x series.

Fully supports PS2 700xx & 7500x in every respect,
DVD Region Free,
Disc Swapping function supported for Multi-disc Games,
AR Max supported,
Enhanced media compatibility,
Superb stability and reliability,
Sleeping mode,
Supports variety of Game Emulators and Media Players.


Fully supports PS2 700xx & 7500x in every respect
A752 is a most up-to-date modchip designed fully compatible with all the series of SCPH-7500x and SCPH-700xx.

DVD region free
For playing any region of DVD titles includes Multi-region DVD titles, what you have to do is just insert your DVD movie disc and press RESET button triple for starting.

Disc Swapping function supported for Multi-disc Games
A752 supports disc swapping function which is essential for playing multi-disc games such as Dynasty Warriors 4, as well as cheat-code disc, Action Replay Max for example.

AR Max supported
Supports Action Replay Max and most of cheat code systems which are now prevailing on the market.

Enhanced media compatibility
Supports variety of media includes CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD 5 and DVD 9 for both PSX and PS2 games.

Superb stability and reliability
Thanks to the newly developed LPP (Low Power Patching) Technology. The core logic consumes less than 20mA which makes A752 being working at a very low temperature possible and for being working more stably and reliably.

Sleeping mode
After booting, A752 modchip will get into Sleep Mode by switching off all its data bus output into an isolated status to avoid DVD lens being damaged.

Supports variety of Game Emulators and Media Players
Supports variety of Game Emulators such as SFC (Super Nintendo) and SEGA Emulator for playing games other than PS games, as well as PS2 Reality Media Player for playing MP3, DivX, MPEG4 and JPEG.