Sell GR-IC-005 Messiah 750

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There has two versions:
1. Europe version: works on ps2 7500x PAL version and ps2 V1-V13 (PAL/NTSC)
2. USA version: works on ps2 7500x USA version and ps2 V1-V13 (PAL/NTSC)

1. Green fixed;
2. Auto boot function; (auto detects the disc type then chose corresponding subroutine for it)
3. Dev1 mode compatible; (HD games can be booted from memory card, no need HD loader disc any more)
4. Auto sleep function for online games and auto wake up when ps2 protected games; (wake up when it needs the cdvdman patchs)
5. Small size is easy for installation, and it is a universal chip for ps2 v1-v16;
6. Fully compatible with ps2 CD-R/DVD/DVD9/Back up/import games, PSX CD/CD-R
7. Upgradeable!UBICOM chip use flash configuration, it can be erased thounds of times

A. Ps2 games or auto boot:
press the ps2 "reset" button normally from standby mode, or press "reset" button normally after you changed the games from the CD tray.
B. Psx games or DVD movie:
press the ps2 "reset" button and hold it till the blue led lights , or press "reset" button normally after you changed the games from the CD tray.
C. Sleep function:
press the "reset" button and hold it for 4 seconds approximately, the chip can be disabled automatically.
D. DEV1 mode:
press the ps2 "reset" button for 4 seconds then release, and press the "reset" button again (normally press) .

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