Sell GR-IPOD-038 Ipod Mini Speaker

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Product Features:

1. The stylish, compact, lightweight and folding mini speaker is an ideal Support for all Apple iPod models (iPod Nano, iPod Photo, iPod Video, iPod Mini iPod 4Gen and iPod Shuffle) , MP3, PSP, CD/DVD Players and any other audio devices with 3.5mm headphone/earphone output jack.

2. Includes removable holder to securely hold your iPod.

3. This system stows easily when traveling, allowing listeners to enjoy their favorite music on the road while packing a minimum of gear.

4. Along with the magnetic shield that protects the images on your TV or notebook computer from display interference.

5. The one-piece unit also includes an adjustable foldaway stand that sets up conveniently on any surface. The system fits in most briefcases and backpacks.

Power: 1W * 2
Impedance: 4 Ohm * 2
Sensitivity: 85db
Frequency: 100Hz- 20KHz
Separate degree: Up 32Db
Balance degree: Below 2Db
S/N : Up 45Db
Distortion: below 0.1%
Input: DC 6V plug
3.5mm audio cable * 2
Power supply:
DC adapter, AAA battery * 4
Dimensions(mm) :
approx. 207(W) * 53(D) * 62(H) (Expanded) ,
112(W) * 62(D) * 62 (H) (Folded)
Weight: 260g