Sell GR-PSP-007 Blaze PSP TV Adaptor

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Product Features
It's so Simple:

. No need to open your PSP console.
. No need to upgrade or downgrade your PSP console firmware.
. No need to mess with the internals of the PSP and void your warranty.
. No need to change your PSP's screen.

The PSP TV Adaptor clips neatly to the top of the PSP, and requires no internal modification to the console. Within seconds, your PSP games, UMD Movies, Music and Photos are displayed on your TV!

More Description
The PSP TV Adaptor lets you hook up your PSP to your home television (NTSC and PAL) via Composite and Stereo connectors. This adapter requires no modification of your PSP console. This new peripheral takes a completely different approach and clips on top of your PSP screen, with two screws to fit at the back of the handheld (in these two holes you can see on the top of the UMD drive) . Some sort of pyramid grows from the base, with a precision lens and mirror system at the top, capturing the image and light, in a similar way a scanner or camera would. It then converts it into a video signal that is sent through video leads going from the adaptor to your TV set!