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FRESH TABLE GRAPES(seedless) 1. PRODUCT: Fresh Grapes (SEEDLESS) 2. GROWING AREA :San Felipe ( Chile) 3. VARIETIES : a) Thompson b) Black c) Flame 4. PACKING : in CFB (Corrugated fibre board ) cartons. 5. PACKAGING: Each and individual bunch placed in pouches , later pouches to be placed in cartons. 6. PROCESSING: From the garden bunches harvested in morning hours then sorting , grading, trimming, of unwanted berries to be done after weighing pouches full of selected grapes to be placed in ctns after allowing sheet for providing cushioning and big plastic liner bags. then cartons to be put into PRECOOLING UNIT which helps to bring temperature of grapes to zero degree celsius. after precooling SO2 (SULPHUR DIE OXIDE PAPER OR GRAPE GUARD) . to be placed on grapes in each carton. immediately after ctns shifted to cold storge situated adjacent. 7. PALLETISATION :(If required) 8. STUFFING :Reefer Container stuffed at cold storage so that cold chain maintained up to the country of destination. Importer can visit or appoint any person or agent for inspection of grapes at gardens or in pack house. we'll sponsor your stay in hotel here. if u confirm at least 1*40 ft. pls send your order to confirm the shipment. pls ask for photo graph if you want to see grapes to get an idea. mail us ,