Sell GREAT-150iT CNC controller for lathe machine

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*. Linear, circular, Cylindrical interpolation; Multiple repetitive cycle instruction
*Many thread cutting instruction: Metric and British measurement; Linear, plane and prick thread; Multi-headed, variety lead, continue thread instruction
*Full screen program edit, background operation, programming and parameter modifying synchronously when machining.
*Before machining, can preview and simulates graph; On machining, coordinate displays, the display of two and three dimensional graph shifts optionally. Moreover, these graphs can be amplified, contracted, translated and rotated.
*On machining, single program segment or continuous operation is optional
*Any program segment and tool No. is optional to begin.

*Spindle and feeding speed can be modified real time
*Real time self-diagnosis function, real time display controller status.
*Multilevel password protection, include program, parameter, which is convenient to manage devices.
*Feeding per minute and Feeding per revolution.
*Metric and British measurement input mode.
*Machine axis back to reference Point
*Each axis independent automatic error compensation.
*Tool length automatic compensation, tool radius compensation, imaging tool top function
*Set each axis max speed, accelerating respectively
*Scale up/down, morror image function
*Program unit shifts between Metric measurement and British measurement.
*Parameter and software reserve function and upgrade function
*A and B axis can be set linear or rotate mode

*Setting multiple coordinate.
*axis soft and hard limit
*Powerful tool manage function: Managing 99 tools, can control many types tool(electric, hydraulic and servo) for different machine.
*Multi-grade management for spindle, code or S1-S15 method.
*Display current time, single piece time
*Many interpolation function and M, S, T function
*USB port, USB DNC function, can connect great capacity memorizer.
*11520 bit/s transfer speed with RS232 port, used for program, parameter transfer and RS232 DNC function.
*Program pretreatment function, can realize smooth and no-gap connection between program segment or line.
*Built-in PLC function, online programming
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