GREAT PRICES ON HMS1&2 and USED RAIL You May Also Be Interested In: hms1 hms1 2 hms1 used rail hms1&2 used rail
We are pleased to offer you these Scrap Metal soft quotes. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Quantity HMS1&2 HMS1 USED RAIL

30,000 MT X 12
$200 / MT $210 / MT $220 / MT

60,000 MT X 12
$195 / MT $205 / MT $210 / MT

90,000 MT X 12
$190 / MT $195 / MT $200 / MT

* ORIGIN: South America, Europe, or Russia as requested, Non NHI
* YARD VISIT: Allowed after the contract is signed before the L/C is opened
* DESTINATION PORT: CIF ASWP, One Safe Port and Berth
* POP: Bank to Bank through Swift Code to activate the Letter of Credit
* PAYMENT TERMS: Irrevocable, Confirmned, and Revolving DLC Bank must be Top 25
* INSPECTION: SGS or CCIC Certified at the Sellers cost
* AQSIQ: Number will be provided with shipping documents if shipment to China
* PHOTOGRAPHS: We do not supply, as the material is always moving and being sold
* MINIMUM QUANTITY: 30,000 MT on Yearly Contract
* COMMISSION: To be added on top of price, anything excessive will not be accepted

The Seller has their own ships and scrap yards. They are flexible and willing to conclude a business deal with the buyer provided the buyer is REAL and has the FUNDS to PAY.

To proceed we require;

1 - Buyer sends L. O. I addressed to Apollo Global Group on his letterhead signed with his B. C. L. or I. C. P. O. + NCNDA
2 - Seller sends Draft contract to Buyer.
3 - Buyer Signs, Seals, and returns Contract. Seller Signs, Seals, and returns
4 - Yard Visit is allowed after the Contract is signed.
5 - Buyer opens a Non-operative L. C.
6 - P. O. P Bank to Bank through the SWIFT CODE to activate Letter of Credit.
7 - Seller opens a 2 % Performance Bond.
8 - Buyers L. C. should be activated ONE (1) Banking day after the P. B. is open.
9 - S. G. S. report is on Sellers account.

We look forward to doing business with you. Thank You,

Paul R. Majeski
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
30,000 MT
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale