Sell GSM/ PSTN Fixed Wireless phone

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Startcom Dual Network Telephone GT1000P is a combination GSM and PSTN fixed line telephone. Its Least Cost Routing feature allow the user to determine the cheaper outgoing route to the cellular network or to the PSTN.

Key Features:

Short message receiving and sending
Phone book : Up to 200 records
Lock of long distance calls
Locked to specified operator, cell lock, interlock of phone and SIM card
Low voltage shock-resistant protection technique
Call barring, call transferring, call waiting
128 x 64 LCD, backlight
Language supports: English, Chinese and Spanish
Optional built-in/external antenna
A large number of polyphonic ringing tones makes the incoming call dynamic and the phone fashionable
Network management by PMS
Dialling local area code automatically
Least cost routing
Rapid service
Inbuilt battery backup
Standby time: 100 hours
Real clock and calculator
Displaying battery level and signal strength
Quickly responds after pressing the keys