Sell GSM/CDMA/PHS Fixed Wireless Terminal (S1000)

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Basic Functions

1. Supporting all frequencies of GSM/GPRS/CDMA, and PHS 1900MHZ.
2. Supporting Incoming call Number Display.
3. Pre-set area code, IP number, Special service number, and any other head number.
4. Privilege setting for international distant and local call-in and call-out.
5. PIN code protection for SIM/UIM card.
6. Billing support.
7. Large LCD display of the operator information, signal strength, battery status, time and date.
8. Big memory of phone book, incoming and out-going call number lists.
9. Internet connection (optional) .
10. Network management function (optional) .
11. SMS function (optional)


1. Simple operation as normal fixed telephone, good portability and mobility.
2. Rapid network searching, quick response for dialing, high voice resolution quality and harmless low radiation.
3. Adaptive to wide range of voltage with low power consumption.
4. Equipped battery for back up when short of external power supply.