Sell GSM/CDMA 1X mobile phone

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Missed calls 20+20
Incoming calls 20+20
Outgoing calls 20+20
Ring quantity 20
Call waiting Support Network support
Call forwarding Support
Caller Identification (CID) Support
Phone book 1000
Incoming call, call time, date, times Support
Incoming firewall Set the number which does not want to listen, automatically resists to answer the telephone
Grouping ring Family, friends, VIP and etc.
Single dials Support
Auto-resend 10 times
Multi-party conversation Tri-party (CDMA)
Multi-party (GSM)
Pause key Support
Optional Msg Ring Support
Inbox+Outbox 500
Predetermined message 20
Voice Mail Support
Input Support ZI
Group Send 200
Input by hand Support
SMS Support
Auto-resend Support
Msg setting Support
Msg firewall Support
Download picture and ring 10 as each other Support download from PC
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Sale