Sell GSM / GPS Car Alarm System

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1. Remote control
a. Arm/disarm
b. Lock/unlock
c. Car finding
d. Trunk release
e. Emergency help
f. Enable/disable shock sensor
g. Siren temporary disable
h. Start/stop engine

2. Phone
a. Arm/disarm
b. Lock/unlock
c. Enable/disable shock sensor
d. Active/deactivate immobilizer
e. Check the status of car (latitude, longitude, and car speed and car direction)
f. Broadcast to the driver
g. Listen in the car
I. Remote start/stop engine
h. Control the car by SMS
3, GPS
Locate by GPS, Send latitude , longtude, velocity and direction to the car owner
Tracking time adjustable
Check the car's position by mobile phone , PC , GPS navigation internet
Arm/disarm/check/monitor/talking/enable, engine start/disable engine start by phones
Alarm alret once triggering / shocking / disconnect poser suppoy
Including all featuers and functions of one way or two way car alarm system
Press emergency call button to ask for help
Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
5 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 sets
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