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This system consists of:
1. GSM board
2. Power supply board
3. Antenna
4. Wiring harness with fuse

This system works actually the same way as a mobilephone, available frequency 900/1800MHZ, please make sure that your local GSM network provider offers this GSM locating service, lets say, when a mobilephone is working, the GSM provider is able to locate its exact place immediatly. Check with the local GSM provider to find out how to track a mobilephone in use, situation is various in different countries.

This system operates with direct 12V or 30V power from the battery. There should be power providing leads to the device in the vehicle. Electronic equipment of the vehicle (turn lights, wipers and car-stereo etc. ) should not be effected when the device is powered by these leads.
In some automatic (computerized) vehicles there are AUXILIARY POWER CONNECTORS where power has to be supplied from. These connectors are designed by the manufacturer for auxiliary connections. For example, auxiliary power connector is known as X83 connector in some models of MERCEDES trailer-trucks. This connector includes 24V and ground. X83 connector is located under the fuse panel. It is advised to contact with authorized technical services to find out where auxiliary power connector is located in other automatic vehicles.

Considerations for the installation of the device:
o GSM operator connection must be activated before the installation and after the installation tests must be conducted over this GSM operator.
o PIN code of the SIM card must be disabled.
o The device must be installed away from heat sources (heater, engine etc. ) and water and protected against shock.
o The device must be tightly fixed with cable stripes and screws.
o Assure that antenna connector is tightened by hand (should not be loose) . Definitely no tools including pliers, wrench etc. should be used for tightening.
o Assure that antenna and power cables are not broken, worn or pinched. (Be careful while passing the cables under the doors and narrow spaces)
o Place SIM card into the connector carefully.
Note: Assure that power is not applied to the device while connecting SIM card.
o Place SIM card into the connector with its PLAIN side facing up.
o +V (positive voltage) must be connected to RED cable for powering the device.
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