Sell GSM Commercial Modem 81GC

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VISIONTEK 81GC is a highly flexible plug-n-play GSM modem for easy integration with RS-232 and audio* interface. It is equipped with features of circuit switched data, SMS, Fax, Voice and GPRS (Class 10) . VISIONTEK 81GC is a perfect solution to use with SMS gateways, access internet while on the move and corporate communications (GPRS, Data transfer & PC Fax even in remote location) .

Application Areas

C&F Agents

Corporate's with multi-location presence


Share brokers


IT Industry

Network solution providers

Vehicle tracking applications

Bulk SMS solutions

Point to point data communication

Point to IP data communication


Dual/Tri* band 900/1800/1900 MHZ GSM

Data, SMS (Text & PDU) , Fax, Voice and GPRS (Class 10)

DC input voltage

Fully compliant with ETSI, GSM Phase 2+


Low power consumption

AT Commands

1.8V and 3V SIM Interface

RS-232 interface (9 PIN D type female)