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The WT 1010 GSM Terminal is the wireless communicator for alarm and fire panels that uses the GSM network to transmit alarms and other panel event. The module checks the status for the PSTN line and in case the PSTN line becomes unavailable, the WT 1010 GSM emulate the line signal to the Panel. At this time, the panel will dial out using the GSM cell phone network to communicate with the receiver at the monitoring station and transmit the alarms

1. Panel compatibility - Allows any contact ID alarm panel to transmit alarms over GSM using the GSM voice channel

2. Works over the GSM cell phone networks Units can be used wherever there is cell phone coverage

3. Telephone line backup: WT 1010 give priority to the lowest cost network. WT 1010 uses the telephone line as the main transmission line and uses the GSM voice channel as backup.

4. Low power consumption - uses 30mA while in idle state and 260mA when transmitting an alarm

5. Wall mounting enclosure available: The WT 1010 units can be installed inside the alarm panel or inside its own wall mount enclosure

6. Available in 850/900/1800/1900mhz frequency