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G-BANK-02 GSM 4/8-Route Wireless Terminal

G-BANK-02 4/8 a bsorbs the advanced technology of the congeneric products. . Its appearance is small and exquisite. The inner design is scientific and reasonable. Adopt advanced microprocessor controlling circuit, It runs steadily and its function is completed . All technique guidelines accord with the national relevant standards.
G-BANK-02 adopts cabinet structure, fits into multi-users. Every cabinet is made of 8 built-in users' board. Users can reduce or add the quantity of cabinet and board flexibly.

Main Functions

Provide accurate anti-polarity signal.
Incoming calls display:Offer incoming show d for ordinary telephone, the telephone must have the function of showing incoming calls.
Add prefixal code automatically :The telephone set can be set to add the local area code when dialing the local fixed calls and add IP prefixal code when dialing long-distance calls.
Locking wireless terminal, Locking SIM card, locking service prvider and locking district: All these functions can be set according to the customers demand conveniently. Locking wireless terminal means that the terminal only can identify the locked SIM card. Locking SIM card means that the locked SIM card only can be used in the corresponding terminal Locking service provider can forbid the SIM card that doesn't belong to the locked service provider to be used in the terminal. The number of locked district can be the digit from 1 to 6. The terminal can search for districts around itself automatically if locking district is set up. Then the terminal only can be used in the locked districts.
Network Management: The network management can inquire and modify the parameters of the telephone through sending and receiving short message. The telephone code management can be uploaded to the terminal. Realize long-distance and needn't operator go to the scene to maintenance.
Parameter management: Parameters can be modify by the uses by hand . User must input the correct password and then he can modify the parameters through the keyboard of the telephone by using the given orders.
Telephone code management: Barred code, directly transmit code, local mobile telephone code and long-distance code can be set up conveniently.
Fast transmit telephone numbers: According to the standard of the service provider, the dialed numbers will be transmitted 6s later since the last number is pressed. The waiting time is too long to some users. In order to meet the user's requirement to shorten the waiting time, fast transmit telephone numbers is developed. The list of fast transmit telephone numbers can be set up. This setting will save 4 seconds waiting time for the users for every set call.
Resume parameters: All the parameters can be set up to be the default value which are set up when the terminal left the factory.
Set up or cancel call Diverting.
Pay nothing for internal calls: The telephones that are connected to the same terminal can call each other without using the mobile telephone network. The functions and use are the same to PBX.
Adjusting the Volume of Voice : microphone volume and speaker volume can be adjusted separately.


Scheme1:Connecting to ordinary telephone, fit into the middling company and enterprise.

 Incoming calls display.
 Pay nothing for internal call: The telephone that is connected to the same wireless terminal can call each other free. Dialing the one bit digit and # can realize free put through the internal call, Because the call needn't depend on the mobile telephone network, you need pay nothing for your internal call.
 Automatically adding prefixal code for long-distance calls.
 Set up or cancel call diverting.
 Convenient barred code and free code setting.
In order to meet to demand of the IP call supermarket, the application of connecting to charge machine comes into being. The corresponding software manage system is easy to use. The installation of the terminal is convenient.

Connecting to charge machine : Fit into public phone agency and IP call supermarket. The terminal can be used at the place where there are numerous the floating population , such as hospital, station, school and so on.

 Charge rate can be set up flexibly. (different charge rate for different time) .
 Accumulate call expenses automatically.
 Convenient barred code and free code setting.
 Automatically add IP prefixal code for long-distance call.
 The list for the latest 100 calls can be recorded.
 The fair-sounding indicates to charge for the call when the call is ended.
 Inquire the total expenses for every day in the latest week conveniently.
 Dual-side LCD displays the call numbers, call duration and call expenses.

Connecting to computer in which the charge software is installed : Fit into hotel, college and the business address.

 Print the call list.
 The protection of multi-range password.
 Convenient barred code and free code setting.
 High efficiency charge rate input.
 Automatically add IP prefixal code for long-distance call.
 High intelligent statistic for the call expenses.
 Support the deposit mode to charge, centralized management for several line call. Different charge rate can be set up for holiday, weekend, work day. Different charge can be set up for the different time in the same day. Different discount can switch easily.

Conntecting to PBX: Be suitable for the small company that has the PBX or want to have the PBX. The wireless terminal connect to the external line of the PBX or group phone directly.

The choose for PBX:
 Using normative PBX can refer to the configuration 8/24, 8/48, 8/64, 8/96.
 If the number of the PBX route is N, the configuration can be N/3N, N/6N, N/8N, N/12N.

 Incoming calls display.
 Automatically add IP prefixal code for long-distance call.
 Setting Locking SIM card, locking service provider, locking district flexibly.
 Set up or cancel call diverting.
 Download, inquire and upload parameters, through network management.
 Convenient barred code and free code setting.
The distributions of real line do no effect to the installation of the terminal. Low cost. Realizing one SIM card for several user saves money for the enterprise.

Technical Specifications

. Environmental Temperature: -200 to +400
. Relative Humidity: 10% to 95%
. Air Pressure: 86Kpa to 106Kpa
. Environmental Noise: <=60dB(A)
. Working Frequency: automatically switch between GSM 900 and GSM1800MHz
. Frequency Stability: better than 2.5 PPM
. Signal Sensitivity: -103dBM
. Transmit Power: <2W
. Power supply: AC 220V115
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