Sell GSM MMS camera alarm

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) Mobile Alarm:when alarm activated, Capture images and Send to your mobile phone by MMS , autodial the user phone no.
2) SMS Remote Control: Control the camera by sending SMS commands.
3) Real Time audio: Call the camera and listen in.
4) Motion Detection: Detect any motion within the monitoring area and send alarm.
5) External Connection: Connect wireless sensors (Max. 15) , such as door magnet, pir sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor etc. The camera can report alarm from all sensors connected.
6) Infrared Light: The build-in IR light enables the camera to capture images in dark environment.
7) Resolution: 300.00 pixel CMOS camera.
8) Watch images directly on your mobile phone: The camera sends MMS images to your mobile phone for you to watch anywhere, anytime.
9) Receive images by email: The camera can send MMS images to any preset email.
10) Multi Alarm: Camera can send alarm both by SMS, MMS, email and by standard phone-call once motion is detected.
11) Monitoring Methods: Choose between manually or scheduled monitoring.
12) Remote Control: Include 2 remote controls for manual operation on/off and panic button.
13) Backup lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring operation
in case of external power failure
packing List:

Host x 1
Antenna x 2
Power adaptor x 1
Remote Con. x 2
user Manual x 1
Camera unit or Detection unit( optional)