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GSM Telemetry Unit communicates across the mobile phone networks allowing you to remotely monitor your machinery, process or stocks, wherever you are, wherever your equipment is.

WT 9002 telemetry outstations can be easily integrated into an operators equipment and report on system failures and faults, as well as collect data, switch components, detect change in performance and even allow you to activate and de-activate processes.

 Real time monitoring device desgined for industrial applications
 Flexible, scalable and easy to install  wire-free
 Live dial in facility to capture data in real time
 Ease of interfacing capability to other equipment and devices
 Offers remote switching capability via digital outputs
 Immediate ault and alarm monitoring
 Offer high level preventative, diagnostic and management monitoring
 No unnecessary site visits for the collection of data
 Data logging facility
 Flexible and visual front end software for ease of use
 Multi site capability
 Available 850/900 / 1800/ 1900mhz frequency