Sell GSM Unit for Vending Machines management WF-800

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WF-800 is based on Siemens industrial-grade GSM modems, having an elevate quality-price rate, which distinguish themselves for their proven reliability and solidness and their tiny dimensions which makes possible using them in any kind of environment.
Photo depicts a Siemens modem coupled with out MCU control circuit, which, thanks to its five Relay outputs and its seven digital inputs, can be interfaced with existing or custom made external devices, like threshold alarms and intrusion detectors, and send an SMS message upon event detection, or control switching appliances when receiving a control message sent by SMS.
Alternatively, an optional circuit equipped with an Analog-to-Digital converter, it is possible to measure varying quantities, such as temperatures or gas concentrations, converting them in numerical figures and sending them by SMS.
WF-800 can directly provide its customer with all needed hardware and install it, whenever necessary.
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