Sell GSM Wireless Fixed Terimal channel 4/8/12

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G Bank-01 GSM 4/8/12 Lines Fixed Wireless Terminal

G BANK-01 supporting GSM 900/1800 network
Supply 4/8/12 phone lines
Setting of local network code
Default setting of IP header
Programming of barred calls and International Subscriber Dialing, National Subscriber Dialing and Local Network Dialing
Prompt dialing by shortened numbers
Identification of local network numbers and alien network numbers
Terminal-card locking
Inverse polarity signals are furnished for the billing purposes when the terminal is connected with billing equipment and is used for public telephony. (In case of CDMA network, there needs network support. )
Caller ID
SOS numbers unconditionally forwarded
In support of network management
May be outer connected with 12AH back-up battery which guarantees 24-hour voice communication.
Standard 1U frame, easy for expansion
Base station CELL and ID locking

Technical Characteristics:
Industrial-level module ensures high reliability.
Can be connected with separated telephone sets by the universal phone interface.
High-sensitivity antenna guarantees wider access coverage.
Multi-line configuration
Network management function

Technical Specifications:
GSM Frequency: 900/1800 MHz
GSM 900 Transmission: 890-915 MHz
Reception: 935-960 MHz
GSM 1800 Transmission: 1710-1785 MHz
Reception: 1805-1880 MHz
Carrier Spacing: 200 KHz
GSM Category Four Transceiver: 2 W for GSM 900
1 W for GSM 1800
Maximum Frequency Deviation: + 0.1 ppm
Receiving Sensitivity: -105 dBm
Phase Error: < 50RMS

CDMA working frequency: 800MHz
Frequency Range: TX: 824MHz-849MHz RX: 869MHz-894MHz
Carrier Bandwidth: 25MHz
Transmission Power: 0.2W-0.3W (Class III)
Phase Error: < 50RMS
Channel number: 20

Shell Material: Electrolyzed Board
Dimensions: 443x281x42 mm (W, L, H)
Weight: about 4 Kgs

Temperature Range; -200~+400
Humidity: <=95% RH
Power Consumption: less than 50W

For antenna:
Frequency Bandwidth: 45 MHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio: <=1.5
Gain: 3-7 dB
Input Resistance: 50(Ohms)
Polarized Mode: Vertical Polarization

For RJ 11 Telephone Interface:
Dialing Tone Frequency: 450 Hz
Ring Current Frequency: 25 Hz
Ring Current Voltage: 75 V
Feeding Voltage: -48V
Voice Frequency Output Level: 225-745mv, corresponding to -10dB - 0 dB level transfer of PSTN

For Power Supply:
Power Supply: AC 220V (working voltage: from 120 V to 280 V)
DC Voltage: 12V/DC
Current Rating: 3A

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