Sell GSM car alarm with car phone and arabic language

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1. Multi-band (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz)

2. GSM cell phone carrier

3. Friendly human voice instruction

4. Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control

5. Two-stage shock alarm modes

6. False alarm trigger prevention

7. Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm.

8. Anti-hijacking

9. Override switch

10. Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable

11. Checking system status by telephone

12. Status LED indicator

13. Trigger alarming (opening the door and engine start)

14. Shocking alarming

15. Power off alarming

16. Bonnet open alarming

17. Alarm memory recall

18. Parking reminder

19. Remote trunk release

20. Automatic central locking system

21. Power speaker

22. Power window output

23. Remote sound monitoring

24. Compatible with any cars

25. GSM car locating and seeking (optional & extra cost)


1. Arm/disarm

2. Lock/unlock

3. Searching

4. Trunk release

5. Emergency help

6. Enable/disable shock sensor (optional)

7. Disable siren temporary

1. Arm/disarm

2. Lock/unlock

3. Enable/disable shock sensor

4. Activate/deactivate alarm phone numbers

5. Activate/deactivate immobilizer

6. Check car status

7. Broadcast to the driver

8. Listen in the car

Technical Specification:

Voltage: 12V

Working temperature: -20degree+65degree

Control distance: 20m-100m

Size of mainframe: 134mm*120mm*34mm
Minimum Order Quantity
Warranty Coverage