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Tri-band with Hand-free Car phone (GSM900MHZ!"1800MHZ!"1900MHZ)

It has adopted man-car interactive mode to have remote control of the car so on-time early warning can be sent out in order that the car owner takes the initiative to deter theft from happening, by which he is able to turn the table. With globalized network and overall defense, this is just as the Chinese saying goes: The net of Heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through. .

Remote setup, door opening and closing

Using the powerful GSM network, you can conduct remote setup and unset on cars, car opening and closing all over the world; you can also check your car!/s status at real time and remote control the car, such as starting the car or cutting off the power. Even if you are thousands of miles away from the car, you can control it with ease.

Urgency call for help, anti-robbery and antitheft
The product does not only prevent theft but also obstruct would-be burglars. It owns an unparalleled emergency call for help function. The only thing to do is press the hidden button and the alarm is sent without delay. The telephone receiving the alarm will then immediately cut off the power, tap the car and speak to the thief, and at the same time it locks the car!/s circuit or oil circuit. In this way, the user will turn the balance. Thus creates a new era for auto anti-theft product!

Phonetic prompt, easy and convenient
With people-oriented technology, everything is made easy and convenient by means of the intelligent platform and the phonetic prompt service covering the whole process.

Free of service charge, self control
Having installed GSM network, the car owner will be able to remote control and locate the car independently without turning to the operating center or paying monthly rental fee or service charge. He can directly report any danger and put everything under control, creating an interactive mode for the car and the owner. This has made theft obstruction by early warning possible

Remote control, tapping and speaking
In the event of a car theft accident, the system will dial the pre-set alarm telephone(s) of the car owner right away. After learning the situation, the owner then taps the car via the phone and tries to check out the condition; if necessary, he can speak to the car to hinder and intimidate the burglar. It is like your clairvoyance and you can handle the situation to your satisfaction!

work signal, checking prompt
When a car equipped with the system is outside the range of GSM network signal of China Mobile, the system will automatically give the phonetic alert prompt: Attention, please! This area is out of the each of the network signal. It is essential to make sure that any unpleasant event can be prevented beforehand and it is perfectly safe!
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