Sell GSM car alarm

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(1) Remote alarm to phone, without limit of distance;
(2) Easy to use, operation by friendly voice menu;
(3) Strong features of anti-burglar & anti-hijacking;
(4) Patented technology, high quality & reliablility;
(5) Good adaptability for most cars and most countries;

Features & Functions:

(1) Remote arming/disarming by phone or by transmitters;
(2) Silent arming, automatic re-arming;
(3) Anti-burglar, anti-hijacking and anti-destroying;
(4) Local alarm by siren & lights, remote alarm to preset telephone by voice;
(5) Multiple triggering: Door open, vibration triggering, power-off triggering, igniton triggering;
(6) Panic button, emergency help alarm;
(7) Easy to install and use, friendly operation interface, with voice menu in different languages;
(8) Complete self-service, free of service charges;
(9) Basing on GSM networks, worldwide signal coverage and cost-effective;
(10) Remote monitoring the sounds around the car & broadcasting by telephone;
(11) Cut off the car's fuel/power supply by telephone;
(12) Lock or unlock the car door by transmitters or by telephone;
(13) Transmitters with code-hopping technology;
(14) 8-scales vibration sensitivity, vibration sensor could be enable/disable by telephone;
(15) Free to change the operation password and the alarm telephone numbers;
(16) Central lock automation, automatic closing door upon braking;
(17) Remote engine/air-conditioner start (optional) ;
(18) Car finding with sounds and lights;
(19) Light flashing for temporary parking;
(20) Car position tracking.