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The A6668 is a GSM terminal for voice, fax and SMS.

Wherever you use a mobile phone you can now send and receive a fax just as simply.

You use XOCECO GSM fax machine when in need for accurate information or documents. A6668 Is especially useful for time critical documents such as delivery details, confirmations, maps, order acceptances and all handwritten messages.

The A6668 helps you stay in touch in the way you want to, wherever you go and whenever ou need it. You can use it in a temporary office, in a truck or on a construction site.

1) Acts as Telephone, fax machine, Printer and photocopier
2)64 level gray scale for photocopy operation
3) Caller ID function
4) LCD display
5) Delayed Transmission
6) Auto Fax/Tel Switch
7) Receiving Call Out-of Power
8) Report lists
9) SMS printing
10) Dialing back of incoming call
11) Hands-free Dialing
12) Tone/Pulse Dialing Seleciton
13) Microphone Jack
14) GSM Link Port
15) Error Correction Mode
16) Redial / Hands-free Redial

Types: GSM fax
Communication line: GSM or PSTN
Compatibility: ITU-63
Coding Scheme: MH. MR
Scanning System: Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
Printing System: Thermal Print Head (TPH)
Modem speed: 9600bps to 2400bps with auto fallback
Resolution: Horizontal: 8.00 Dots/mm
Vertical: 3.85 lines/mm (standard)
7.70. lines/mm (fine)
Documents width: 216mm(max)
Dimension of thermal paper:(WXL) : 216X1500(mm)
Power Requirement: 12V~15V OR 110/220V
Power consumption:
Copy: 20W
Fax: lOW
Standby: 3W
Operating conditions: 10"C ^ 350C
Relative humidity: 30%-80I RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions (L*W*H) : 232*127*49(mm)
Gross Weight: 1.35Kg
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