Sell GSM home alarm system

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1. Adopt the GSM network, no distance limit when alarming.

2. Can surpport the GSM cell phone, with sending the English message function.

3. Can store five alarm phone number and the room number message, which can send to the owers, policeman and the monitoring center.

4. Long distance to arm/diarm/panic alarm/monitor, monitor function: the people can hear clearly the voice on the spot.

5. To start to work with the passport, which guarantee the safety of the system.

6. The owners can control the small household through the cell phone or telephone when they are out.

7. All kinds of wireless detector can be compatible with the system, such as door sensor, P. I. R detector, remote controller, gas sensor, smoke sensor, panic button, infrared baluster.

1. Power supply: DC 9V,
2. output: DC 9V, 300mA
3. Working environment:
4. temperature -10 ~ +50oC
5. Working humidity: 90%
6. Working frequency: 315MHz/433MHz