Sell GSM test sim card(mobile-phone test card)

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GSM test sim is used to test various GSM cellphones.
Mobile-phone test sim card introduction
1. Definition: mobile-phone test sim card is a type of smart card belonging to SIM category, its definition relates to SIM. Test card initialization is same as SIM, but their personalization process are different each other.
2. Application range: mobile-phone test sim card is mainly used to mobile-phone functional test. Making use of test card to do imitative test is the most important for producing mobile-phone.
3. Classification: mobile-phone test sim card has two types of classification, one is application range , another is capacity . The application range includes GSM, CDMA, 3G(WCDMA) etc. The capacity of chip contains 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K, 128K etc.
4. Information written
1) The work of test card initializations: parameter set mainly includes open COS function, set card transmission confer, communication velocity, install transmission key etc.
2) The work of test card prepare-personalization: establish card structure, write some basic information in card.
3) The work of test card personalization: write some fixed information in card, these information contain:
Key:CHV1 fix 1234
CHV2 random
UNBLOCK CH1 random
UNBLOCK CH2 random
Ki random
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