Sell GV4: Basic Techniques for Creating Graffiti Art on Walls and Canvas

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Multi-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Releases Graffiti Verite 4 (GV4) , the Latest Installment in a Series of Documentaries that Instructs in the Basic Techniques for Creating a Graffiti Art Mural and Aerosol Art on Canvas.

Following up on the success of the Multi-Award Winning Graffiti Verite Documentary Video Series, Filmmaker Bob Bryan has completed GV4, the ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step-by- Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind the controversial Graffiti Art Movement.

In GV4, Artist SANO (two-time winner of The International Graffiti Art Competition) pulls you into the Underground Art form by showing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques, and style needed to complete a perfect semi ' Wild Style ' masterpiece (on a Legal Wall) as well as Aerosol Art on Canvas. GV4 is a 'must-have-Video' for Art Instructors, Art Students, Galleries, Museums, Libraries and Educational Institutions who've been bewildered at Spray Can Technique. As a 'unique lesson plan, ' no other program exists in the marketplace of ideas, that can compare to the inspiration, skill and intelligence of GV4.

' Graffiti Art, is Art first! 'Graffiti' in itself is a label applied to the Aerosol Art Culture, and usually carries the negative connotation that Graffiti Art is not a viable Art Form.

However, to define Graffiti or Aerosol Art as scribbling or scrawling on a wall,
or for an artist to let his tool dictates his or her style of work, is detrimental to the idea of being an artist in this Art Form. I'm an artist, that's all! My medium of choice for the past fifteen years has been spray paint, though I can rock with markers, watercolors, pen, pencil, acrylics, airbrush, or on a computer, whatever. '
-SANO, Graffiti Artist / Instructor GV4

'Graffiti found typically, but not exclusively on the walls of our urban cities, clearly unveils the angst driven drama that exists within the psyche of the Graffiti Writer, as well as, in our conflicted egocentric society. Graffiti dares
to show us what we've become !! For many people this is a very difficult reality to come to grips with, especially if you're in denial of any complicity!

Graffiti Art mirrors the best and worst elements of our society, period. Folks are ignorant about Graffiti Arts history and power. Graffiti Art is a direct expression of societies' psychological state of mind , it's an 'in-your-face' sign
of our times and deserves our understanding and respect! '
- BOB BRYAN, Executive Producer / Director GV4

Graffiti Verite' 4 has a bold and beautiful life-affirming voice! SANO sheds a positive light on the stereotypical misunderstandings and mystique behind the discipline and creative process involved in Aerosol Art.

GV4 takes you inside the mind of SANO as he conceptualizes and creates his work, while simutaneously declaring his love for the medium, the madness, and the Art form.

'SANO has a quiet energy that can deceive the casual or uninformed observer. SANO's quietness quickly dissolves into a fierce focused and frenetic energy once he is resolved to the issues inherent to his current art project. This transformation from contemplative graphic designer, to explosive aerosol warrior is mesmerizing, as he aggressively grabs his spraycan, ready to do battle with the wall.

SANO exorcises his demons and repression's on the wall like noone I've seen before.
The love he has for his art is obvious in his body language, and funny verbal quips about his
many observations. Graffiti Art has provided him with an powerful outlet to express
his secret obsessions and raison d'tre.

One of the many personal issues that drives SANO, is his mixed East / West dialectical
Genetic heritage. Born from a Japanese Mother and African-American Father, there is an
internal war constantly surging throughout his body. Alternating currents of passive / aggression pulsation's run havoc throughout his genepool and mind.

Captivated by this interaction, SANO's consciousness resides as silent witnesses to this secret battlefield. The walls provide a canvas that allow his demons to present themselves in real time, at the speed of the spraycan. Like many aerosol artists, the speed of the spray leaving the nozzle is key to the love of the game. Less mental editing is done and any errors are quickly obliterated by a bold stroke of the spray brush.

Yes, SANO is conflicted like the rest of us, yet he has found his salvation at the bottom
of a can of Krylon, Rustoleum or Montana spray-paint. Trying to understand SANO is both a difficult exploration and paradoxically a beautiful adventure. The answer to this human
enigma is revealed within the symbolic images depicted in his artwork, hiding out in plain sight.

The GV4 wall painted at Venice Beach Graffiti Pit, exhibits an overt antiwar statement,
depicting a young boy and his father attempting to escape a nuclear explosion with a mere hand gun as protection against an insane world gone wild. On the other side of the canvas SANO has created a homage to the beauty of life, embodied in the countenance of a lovely portrait of a girl whose existence is physically connected to the ravages of nuclear war.

The reality of her participation suggested by the cables attached to her brain, symbolizes her
slavish programming by an omnipresent dominant technological society. What is suggested
is that perhaps because of her inability or unwillingness to involve herself in politics, she is responsible for this tragic end-of-innocence and peace. The horrorible ultimate result of
nuclear war mirrors the tragedies that SANO experiences in his personal life, and the struggle he endures while trying to communicate his feelings to the anonymous public.

Cooperative and open, working with SANO during the GV4 video shoot was a very positive experience. After getting to know him on a personal basis; I feel that whatever
drives SANO, also compels him to sadness. Here stands an extraordinarily gentle man
at war with himself and a society that is not ready to take the time to understand the
method of his madness nor the why of his artistic statements. ' ----Bob Bryan, Filmmaker

GV4 is accompanied by 25 of todays' most gifted and freshest musical minds and bands working in the business today. Contributing 32 Original Songs to the GV4 soundtrack; GV4 is worth the price of admission just to hear these incredible musical compositions.