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Multi-Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker polishes off work on a Bold and Innovative Curriculum Workshop Program to bring Hip-Hop into USA Classrooms

Multi-Award Winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan has just revealed that he has completed the first of it's kind The Graffiti Verite' Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide. (see below) . The Graffiti Verite' Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide will be simultaneously released along with the companion documentary Graffiti Verite' 5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop (GV5) .

GV5 (Running Time: 42 Minutes) reflects all the elements of the contemporary urban Hip-hop movement, as well as, its relevant background history and special uniqueness as a multi-faceted communications medium. These elements include Turntablism ( DJing ) , Break dancing, MCing (Rapping) and Graffiti Art. In addition, the Curriculum Workshop Guide includes hands-on exercises, which can be performed in a classroom or after school workshop setting i. e. : Teaching the art of writing poetry vs. the Oral and written traditions of Rap, MCing, the fundamentals of DJing, the basic techniques of Graffiti Art and the skills of the Breakdancer.

'I realized there was a great need for this kind of creative and multi-intelligence educational approach, in order to connect with today's youth. Innovation and relevancy is a necessity! This was learned first hand by working with my own
young boys in Elementary, Middle and High School, ' explains Bob.

The Educational value in this fresh Hip-Hop Curriculum approach to communications is so high. There's an opportunity here to tap into the dynamic modalities of Hip-hop, to acknowledge the different learning styles, creative intelligence's, preoccupation and passions of our children. We can accomplish all this, while fulfilling the educational goals and objectives of our educational system. These educational goals can complement each other, and does not need to be mutually exclusive! In 2003 we cannot afford to ignore the fact that Eminem has won an Oscar, and that Hip-hop music has become the pervasive soundtrack for our lives here in the 21st Century.  -Bob Bryan, Filmmaker and Author

Interestingly enough Mr. Bryans curriculum and supplementary documentary Graffiti Verite' 5: The Sacred Elements of Hip-Hop were inspired by the observations and the brilliant theories of 'Multiple Intelligence Teaching, ' championed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. The Hip Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide and GV5 are available (purchased separately) exclusively to all schools and libraries throughout the USA, in September 2003.

GV5 Pre-Release Review
' Bob, I really enjoyed your video! It had some great dialogue in it from the kids, as well as,
the adults. I think that you brilliantly captured a candid view of todays American kid.
Although all students werent into hip-hop, you were able to show kids communicating on a level that any average teen can relate to, whether they are Hip-hop heads, Preps, Thrashers or Goths.
I really like your work, and I will definitely refer to you and your work in my seminars. Im
excited to see Hip-Hop come of age where we are able now to tell our own story, and you are
representing very well. '
Peace & Blessings Bob!
- Fred, Richardson, Texas

'I think GV5 bridges the gap between rural and urban life and shows what happens when those cultures meet. Everyone who has seen the tape thinks you did a wonderful job of portraying MetroHigh School, Cedar Rapids, IA and the people involved in the project. '
---Jim Jacobmeyer, Art Teacher - Metro HS, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Both The Graffiti Verite' Hip-Hop Curriculum Teachers Workshop Guide and companion Documentary GV5 are both available for distribution to certified teachers, art instructors, schools and libraries.