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GVE-T is a converter that uses one E1 line to transmit Ethernet data from G.703 to Ethernet Bridge for the purpose of expanding transmission distance and applicable range of Ethernet. It is developed with ASIC circuitry design technology. It is collocated with E1/G.703 as line interface. G.703 can be either framed N*64Kbps (N=1-31) or unframed 2048Kbps, which are also known as fractional and unfractional respectively. Under the framed mode, it supports choices of CRC4 ON/OFF and CAS/CCS (30 & 31 time slot) . Transmission clock can be recover on G.703 signal-receiving circuitry and can also work in inner clock mode.

The Ethernet UTP interface is in accordance with VLAN802.1Q function.

GVE-T complys with G.703, G.704&G.706 of ITU.

GVE-T has two transmission modes to choose from: data and image.

GVE-T has local and remote loop backs tests. Therefore, users can conveniently achieve end-to-end integrity test by using circuitry-test and failure diagnosis.

There is a rich set of indicator LEDs on the front panel to display working status and alarm signals.