Sell GY-300A drilling rig (drilling machine)

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GY-300A drilling rig (drilling machine)

GY-300A drilling rig (drilling machine) , applicable to the drilling of big- and small-caliber cores which uses alloy and diamond mainly, as well as the drilling of geological investigation, shallow fluid mineral, blast and air holes, hydrology, water well, construction of large-caliber works and so on. It has been widely used in highway and rail construction, water conservancy and hydropower, building and other fields.

Applications of GY-300A drilling rig

1. Wire line diamond core drilling for exploration of metallic ferrous or nonmetallic solid deposits;

2. Exploration engineering in the field of geology, metallurgy, coal mine, ;

3. Shallow oil and gas drilling, mines gallery ventilation and water discharge tunneling;

4. Foundation & Construction drilling for high-rise building, highway, railway, bridge, port, harbor work, piling, dam and tunnel.

Features of GY-300A drilling rig (drilling machine)

1. Reasonable and compact in structure with the auto chassis technology;

2. Easy to operate and maintain with standardized auto parts, such as gear-box, clutch, oil pump and shifting mechanism;

3. Wide combination of torque and spindle speed;

4. Easy disassembling for transportation to most remote areas;

5. Real time reading of drilling data on gauges on the control panel;

6. Pin type hydraulic chucks in high reliability for drill stem;

7. High reliability for high-speed drilling.

Technical Specifications
Drilling Depth 350m 280m 220m 120m

Drilling hole diameter 93mm 150mm 200mm 300mm

Swivel Head 0o--90o

Spindle Speed (r/min)
Forward 49 86 136 187 234 406 640 885

Reverse 38 183

Maximum Torque 3000N*m

Spindle Stroke 600mm

Maximum Cylinder lifting force 60KN

Maximum Cylinder driving force 45KN

Spindle Through-hole


Bobbin Diameter 200mm

Rope Diameter 14mm

Rope Capacity(7 floor) 45m

Lifting Capacity(single pipe) 30KN

Bobbin line speed (the third layer)
0.48 0.84 1.33 1.84 m/s

Mobile Oil Cylinder Stroke 460mm

Distance of Step Aside The Hole 260mm

Oil Pump(Wheel oil pump)

Type CBS-E528/F310-TLZ

Displacement (25/10) mL/r

Normal Rated Speed 2500 r/min

Normal Pressure (16/20) MPa

Max Pressure (20/25) MPa


Type Diesel Electric motor

Rated Power 20KW 22KW

Rated Speed 1500r/min 1470r/min

Dimensions 2300*900*1750mm

Weight(power not included) 1300kg
Supply Capacity
60 sets
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment