Sell GY-50-1 Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine)

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GY-50-1 Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine)

Features & Specifications

GY-50-1mobile drilling rig GY-50-1 portable engineering drilling rig is a multi-purpose drilling rig with good stability and high reliability. This spindle drilling rig is designed and manufactured by Changsha Exploration Machinery Factory.

The drilling rig is adopted with hydraulic pressure feeding structure, it can proceed attacking and gyrating drilling, and can be towing removal. The drilling rig is adapted for many different drilling techniques and methods, which can be well applied in different sites and complex rock formation. The drilling rig is already widely used in seismic survey; boring holes; water well; dam construction; drain hole and hole in side slopes of the power bam, railway, highway, and so on;

GY-50-1 Drilling Rig ( Drilling Machine) can be mounted on a trailer, which is easy for disassembling and maintaining.

GY-50-1 drilling rig have been sold well over the world due to its competitive price and better quality.

Basic Parameters

Drilling depth 50m

Drilling diameter 110mm

Drill rod diameter 42mm

Gross weight of drilling rig 400kg

Dimension (length Wwidth W height)
1660 W 732 W 1170 mm

Revolving Plate

Rotate speed
54 140 300 r/min

Maximum torque 350N*m

Driving travel 400mm

Maximum Cylinder driving force 1,0000N

Maximum Cylinder lifting force 30,000N


Lifting capacity(single pipe low speed)

Bobbin line speed
0.14 0.32 0.68 0.46 1.17 2.53 m/s

Bobbin diameter 100mm

Rope diameter 9.3mm

Rope capacity 18m


Type Tripod

Height 5.6m

Drive motor

Type ChangchaiS195 Diesel Engine

Rated power 8.82KW

weight 96kg
Supply Capacity
100 SETS
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
25 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
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