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Product name: Galanthamine Hbr
Synonyms: nivalin
Molecular Formular: C17H21NO3. HBr
Molecular Weight: 368.27
Melting Pont: 2580~2640
Source: Galanthamine, extracted from the extracted from the root of Lycoris radiata (L. Herit. ) Herb) ,
CAS: 1953-04-4
Structural formula
Appearance: White or practically white crystalline powder
Assay (Titration) : min 98-103%
Assay(HPLC) : min.99.0%
Signal impurity: no more than 0.5%
Total impurities: no more 1.0%
Loss on drying: max.1.0%
Heavy metal: max 20ppm
Absorption(50ug in 1ml water) : 79.6~86.2(289nm)

a) 5kgs in an aluminum foil bag, 4 bags or 5 bags in a fiber drum
b) 25kgs in a double layer plastic bag, then in a fiber drum
Galanthamine Hydrobromide should be stored in cool and dry place. keep away from strong light and heat.

Functions& Application:
Our Galanthamine Hydrobromide is extracted from Lycoris radiata (L. Herit. ) Herb) , the quality can meet the requirements of USP31.
Galanthamine Hydrobromide is a strong (reversible) cholinesterase inhibitor, increasing the susceptibility of the organism to acetylcholine, and treat for mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer's type.
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