Sell Galvanic+Far-Infrared+Vibration Facial Massager

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BEAUTYWORLD is a device for Skin care using the Galvanic ION and Far-Infrared rays.
BEAUTYWORLD helps your skin to maintain more clear. It uses ultramodern technology that is artificial intelligence controller not only to transit our outer skin, and get rid of effete matter in our inner skin, but also It helps cosmetic to permeate into our skin.

Model BIO  20012A
Size 50 x 32 x 155mm
Weight 1KG(Including packing box)
Power consumption 0.4w
Battery voltage DC3.6V 600mA
Adaptor Input AC230V 50Hz
Adaptor Output DC9V 300mA

1. Whats the Galvanic ION?
Basically, It makes water-soluble cosmetic to be ionized using the + , -and after absorbing the water-soluble cosmetic, our skin pores will be contracted. Also, It helps acne skin to be relieved.

1) Cleansing: Because of + ION, our skins Corneous and Sebum will get out of the skin.
2) Massage: As + , - ION run by turns, these rotation makes our skin cell revived and give elasticity.
3) Nutrition: As this ION, It provides water-soluble of cosmetic to our skin to be able to maintain softly and glossy.
4) Lifting: It helps the damaged, wrinkles skin to be elastic because of + , - ION.

2. Far-infrared rays
The Far-infrared rays helps skins metabolism to be promoted, quicken the circulation of the blood when our skin were hurt by ultraviolet rays.

3. Vibration
This physical vibration makes our skins muscle relaxed and elastic.
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