Sell Galvanization (zinc) poly putty -Car refinish

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Composing: It is made from unsaturated polyester resin, modified resin, igment, various filling,
anti sediment materials, addition agent and solvent, and cream hardener of
BPO mixing ratio 100:2.
Characteristics: 388# polyester putty is a all-purpose putty. It has excellent resistance to temperature
changing. Good scratching performance. And outstanding adhesive force on
the surface of various substrates, approved substrates is galvanization plates,
aluminum alloy, steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and on the hood of a motor
vehicle with high temperature etc. Do not leave any orifice of putty after scratch
easy to sculpt, do not shrink after dryness. Good resistance to craze in high
and low temperature.
Applications:This product has the excellent construction performance. It is applied to car industry
or slap-up automobile with have high request of resistance to roast industry.
Mainly being applied to the leveling up and decorate the blemishes, such as
the drop pits of body's substrates, pin-shaped cavities, crackles, and little welding
lines etc. , after spray primer and before spray intermediate primer in spray
paint techniques of car and automobile, which can meet the leveling and smoothness
of substrate surface before spray finishing paint.
Reference for construction and notes:1. Evenly mix the main ash and firming agent with the proportion being 100:2 (make
the color unanimous) , and using up them within the gel time. Never return mixed
filler to can.
2. Should burnish the substrates before scratch the putty, and remove the oil and
water. If the thickly scratching is required, you had better thinly scratch for
many times to meet the required thickness. If some air bubbles infiltrate while
scratching, you should thoroughly strickle it by means of scraper, so as to ensure
the good adhesive force.
3. Prohibit using the bad quality thinner to dilute this product. Otherwise it will
generate like bubbling, peeling off, badly descending adhesive force, and other
4. When the temperature is lower or the humidity is higher, the curing time will
prolong. The thickness and gel time can adjust according as customers request.
5. The storage life is one year from the date of commencement of production (if it
is beyond the storage life, please confirm according to the standard inspection;
if it is still qualified, it can be continuously used) .
Packing and storage:Packing of putty: 1L, 4L printing iron drums. Packing of hardener: 25g, 100g per
tube. Storage Condition: 5-35 degrees Centigrade, closed keep and store in a cool, dry
well-ventilated place.