Sell Gamat Classic Cappucino( Gamat juice) Malaysia Top Health Product

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There are about 1000 species of sea cucumber or gamat in the world of which about 50 species are found in the waters of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Only 6-7 species are used for food and medicine in Malaysia mainly from the genera of stichopus and holothuria. Gamat has been used for hundreds of years in china which has been dubbed as ginseng of the sea for its health benefit. The fetid smell of gamat during the composition has been eliminated by a propriety process known as LMPS or low molecular particle system which is the form of extraction that retains all the goodness of gamat.

A twist of cappuccino to blend in with Coffee Classic range of products, yield the following benefit

1. Reduction of sugar in the blood for diabetics.
2. Helps in healing of wounds and ulcer
3. Increase vitality
4. Strengthen joint and tissues
5. Helps in regulating blood pressure
6. Reduction of inflammation in the body
7. Enhances cell and tissues growth and development
8. Improve memory and delaying senility in the old people
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2000000 boxes per month
GMP, HACCP,MS ISO 9001&3A2000 and ISO 9002.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
10000 boxes