Sell Gamma-Chloropropyl Methyl Dimethoxysilane

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Gamma-Chloropropyl Methyl Dimethoxysilane
Molecular Formula: Cl(CH2)3SiCH2(OCH3)2
Properties:Colorless transparent liquid, soluble in a variety of organic solvents.
CAS No. :18171-19-2
Molecular Weight:182.72
Boiling Point:70~72
Density(ρ20) g/cm3:1.014~1.023
Refractive Index:1.4242
(1) This product can be used as intermediate to produce many kinds of coupling agents and silicone fluids.
(2) In the rubber industry, the strength of polyurethane elastomer can be enhanced by inducing polarized chloropropyl group from this product. JHI-32 is also applicable to synthesize vulcanized rubber with low penetrativity, low rolling resistance and high elasticity & elongation rate.
(3) In the plastic industry, it can be used to restrain the penetrating out of PVC additive, keeping the plastic clean, can also be used as absorbent for polyurethane foam to improve its climate adaptability.
(4) In the industry, fabric can be softened and more elasticized by an agent from this product.