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Ganoderma Lucidum Polysaccharide has been proved that Glossy Ganoderma is very helpful to improve people's immunity, anti-cancer and keep young. Deerhorn Glossy Ganoderma is a very rare kind of it. The (Beta) -D-Glucan content in Glossy Ganoderma is very rich, and the host chain is(Beta) -1-3D-Glucan and the side chain is(Beta) -1-6D-Glucan, this combination method make the Glucan having high immune activities and can be absorbed easily by body.
Appearance: Brown fine powder
Lucid Polysaccharide Assay(%) : More than 10-30
Loss on drying (%) : Less than 8
Arsenic: Less than 1.0mg/kg
Heavy Metal(as Pb) : Less than 1.0mg/kg
Available Colors
Brown fine powder
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