Sell Garage Door Opener S66

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Trustful security and durability(Garage Door Opener S66)

Rebound: The security system will make the door rebound automatically when it encountering the obstacle during its closing.

Photo beam protector: photo beam protector will be installed at both sides of the door. There is an invisible light, if the light be interrupted during the door closing , the door will rebound immediately.

The motor has Overheat and runtime Protection.

Over one billion codes: rolling code integrated circuit is adopted to make up the remote control system. Control system will generate a new code for every operation, it is impossible for someone to get the same code to open your door illegally.

Automatic time delay illuminance, when the door is opening or closing the lighting in the opener will illume automatically, it will close after three minutes (can be reset for other time) .

Multi operations : with S66openers you can open the door by remote control . wall switch or by emergency key when the power is off.

Automatic lock: when the door was closed, the open will lock the door automatically and anti burglar to prize it.

With the patent that made by us , S66 can lock the door at any position when the power is off , you just need to release the clutch and close the door manually, when the power is return for use , just put the remote button , the opener will unlock the door and open it automatically.

Intelligentize control technical
Soft starting and stopping makes the door moves steadily, decrease the impact to the door and prolong its service life and also makes the door quiet.

Check and remember the journey automatically, no needs for manual adjustment.

Adapt the resistance changes automatically for a long time and neednt manual adjustment and maintenance.

Track and check the resistance changes of the whole movement to make sure the high protection sensitivity and provide better security

Easy operation: all the function will be set by two times push to the remote control button. The opener will save all the data then follow it to work.

There are two remote control will be sent with the opener.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
2,200 Units per month
Available Colors
White or Blue
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
20 unites
Power Requirements
AC220V110% 50Hz
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