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*A new production from us who is comply with the new requirement of European market.

*The Pinch-resistant is integrated in the door panel. when the door is opening and closeing , it will protect your finger from sandwich.
*Drived by the high quality garage door opener(Superlift) which is made by us.
*Have the same features as the Superlift garage door which is listed as following:
Perfect Design in Details:
*Exquisite appearance: wooden grain and square embossment design. It has more durability than that with traditional smooth design. The special grain treatment can avoid dust accumulation in maximum level. Even through long-time sunshine and rain, it looks still very new.

*Dual-layer heat-keeping panel: The dual-layer heat-keeping panel is made of quality color spraying polyester steel sheet, among which is evenly filled with hard polyurethane foam, strong and durable, with good performance of heat-keeping and sound-isolation.
Heat consumption coefficient for the installed door: k=1.6w/m2k
Heat consumption coefficient of 40mm panel sheet: k=1.0w/m2k
Perfect Seal
* The sealed bottom of the door can prevent rain and dust effectively.
High quality metal component
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