Sell Garlic Extract Powder--Extracted from Allium sativum

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The garlic has been used for centuries for its reported benefits in promoting heart health and preventing infection.

Garlic is one of the most beneficial natural food supplements. This is because of garlic's numerous significant health benefits. First of all, garlic helps to detoxify the body while enhancing the immune system. This makes garlic beneficial for fighting colds and infections. Garlic also is well known as a natural way to lower blood pressure while improving circulation. However, the benefits of garlic don't stop here. Garlic lowers blood lipid levels, helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, and may even help prevent ulcers. Garlic is helpful for virtually any disease or infection, making it one of the most popular herbal food supplements.

We have a GMP certified extract factory to produce all kinds of herbal extract. We possess a complete set of advance equipment for extraction, refinement, column chromatoraphy, condensation and desiccation. Our quality control laboratory is well equipped with most advanced instruments, such as HPLC, UV, GC, AA etc.

1) Garlic ranks as the most popular herbal cure-all worldwide.
2) It may reduce blood cholesterol levels and the risk for heart disease.
3) Medical studies of garlic have focused on its use to treat heart disease, cancer and infectious disease.